Simple Drug Testing Kits

Marijuana, street & prescription drug test kits, compliant with Australian & New Zealand standards.

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  • Drink-drug drivers to face tough new penalties

    Josh Gordon Drivers with drugs and alcohol in their system have until now been charged with either drink-driving or drug-driving, but not both. Victorians caught driving with a potentially deadly mix of drugs and alcohol in their system will face fines of up to $41,000 and a minimum two-year licence cancellation. In an Australian first, […]

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  • Drugs like ice have Australia hooked

    AUSTRALIA is in the midst of an ice epidemic, with the drug being linked to a growing number of crimes, and higher quantities of the amphetamine seized at our borders. And there is no end in sight to our addiction. Experts say the popularity of the drug caught Australia unawares, with the usage on par […]

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