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Drug Abuse Assistance

List of Family Drug Support websites.

Australian Capital Territory Health Directorate

This website offers a wide range of solutions for health and drug related problems in Australian Capital Territory.

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Drug Info

Druginfo is the official NSW Government website on drug issues. It outlines Government policies on drugs including factsheets on illicit drugs, information on legal issues, plus information on the role of parents, families, and the broader community in reducing drug abuse.

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ADIS provides 24-hour 7-day telephone counselling, information and referral for people with an alcohol or drug problem. People can access immediate counselling and support including crisis intervention, support in dealing with the impact of drug use on the family, information on how to reduce the harm associated with drug use and information and referral to treatment and support services across the NT. People of all ages and backgrounds – anyone in the community who is affected by alcohol or drug use, eg: people using drugs, concerned family members and friends as well as health care professionals.

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Queensland Health’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD)

Welcome to Queensland Health’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs (ATOD) website. This site provides information and resources for the public, health professionals, industry and non-government organisations. The harmful effects of drug use such as illness, injury and premature death, significantly impact on the Queensland community.
Queensland Health implements a range of programs and services in partnership with government, non-government, and private organisations, to prevent, minimise and respond to alcohol, tobacco and other drug use and harm.

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Drug & Alcohol Services South Australia

Drug & Alcohol Services South Australia offers a range of prevention, treatment, information, education and community-based services for all South Australians.

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Department of Health and Human Services

The Tasmanian Alcohol and Drug Service offers a range of treatment, information, education and community-based supports for Tasmanians affected by alcohol and drug use.

Our Aim:
To ensure that Tasmanians affected by alcohol, tobacco and other drug use have access to appropriate, timely, effective and quality treatment services, supports and interventions which are based on contemporary best practice

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Alcohol & other drugs services in Victoria

This website provides information about the prevention, treatment and harm reduction services provided through the Victorian Department of Health. This site replaces the “Drugs and Alcohol in Victoria” and “Drug related services in Victoria” websites. Most of the information on the previous sites is presented on this site, including an archive of older material.

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Family Drug Support

Family Drug Support was formed after its founder Tony Trimingham lost his son to a heroin overdose.

Bereft, Tony felt frustrated by the general apathy and ignorance of his own experience. This was also the plight of many other families.

Realising this was but the tip of the iceberg, a public meeting was called where hundreds of people attended. FDS was formed as a result.

This site contains up to date information on all aspects of illicit drug and alcohol use relative to the families of drug users.

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Family Drug Help

We recognise that problematic alcohol and other drug use within the family can be overwhelming (with or without mental health issues).

We offer family members support, information, education, inspiration and the encouragement to practise self care. We don’t judge family members because we’ve been there.

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Health Share

To assist families throughout Australia to deal with alcohol and drug issues in a way that strengthens relationships and achieves positive outcomes.

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Reach Out!

Managing your drug use may be a big step. If you reduce your drug use you may still crave them for sometime after. Try not to be too hard on yourself if you don’t reach your immediate goal. Having to try several times may be part of reducing your use and it is important you keep trying. This website will help you find the anwsers you need.

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